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New Technologies

Although Verticon has been around for a while, we are a modern 21st Century construction company that utilizes the latest in new technologies. We have the latest I.T. apps in CADD, cost estimating, scheduling & budgeting, and design-build integration.

Smart Building Design

This technology has been in existence for about 10 years. Smart Building standards and best practices, as well as practical application, have been used for about five years. Verticon can assist you in integrating elements of Smart Design into your project.

Verticon can implement the “Internet of Things Technology” (IoT) for real-time monitoring and management of buildings. For example, IoT uses networked sensors to monitor existing conditions, and software to program responses to changing circumstances (eg., turn out the lights; turn down the heat when nobody is in a room.)

Smart Buildings save money by more efficiently operating the major building systems – HVAC, water, electric, lighting, A/V, mechanical systems, etc. It can identify and fix inefficiencies.