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General Construction

Renovation and Expansion

If your business is growing or has undergone a major change, chances are you require improvements to your existing space.  If you need an expansion and/or renovation, our experienced staff can provide the information necessary for you to make informed decisions about the project. The professionals at Verticon regularly handle all phases of renovation/ expansion projects, and can deliver a successful, on-time project, without disruption to your on-going operations. Our recent experience includes successful medical facility additions, office space build-outs, and retail space fit-out projects.

Build-to-Suit or Lease

Verticon can construct a building that it fits your needs, by utilizing our Build-to-Suit or Lease Services.  We can assist you in identifying and then acquiring a site, and then can build the structure according to your exact specifications. We’ve done scores of build-to-lease and and build-to-suits for every possible business sector throughout the Hudson Valley.


Design-Build is an enlightened solution to many of the challenges presented by complex construction projects. But like any technology, it presents its own, new challenges. Verticon’s depth of knowledge in construction, as GC and CM, as well as our foundation in self-performing and developing our own projects over the years, gives us real expertise here.

Design-build offers developers the methodology for minimized risk, as well as the potential for shorter construction timelines on tighter budgets, with greater coordination among all the moving parts. Verticon has the experience and expertise to fulfill that potential.

Facility Operations Design

Have you been thinking about the operations processes of your business, and wondering if your facility is running as smoothly and efficiently as it could?
If you have recently undergone a major change in the structure of your business, or if there has been an impact to volume or inventory, it may be time for a facility re-evaluation.   Our comprehensive Facility Operations Design service uses a systematic process that identifies the most appropriate combination of operations processes, material flows, material handling, equipment, storage and informational systems to ensure your internal processes are producing the results you desire.