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Pre-Construction Consulting

Pre-Construction Services

Intelligence in Planning is the core of our business philosophy.
The work invested in prior to breaking ground is critical to the overall success of a project. Verticon professionals will work closely with the project’s owner and designers from the earliest stage possible, enabling our client to make informed decisions throughout the process.  We’ve had much experience and solid success with those new to developing construction projects, big or small. And our previous clients rely on our pre-construction expertise to guide them through. Verticon uses new-tech computer apps for construction cost estimating, scheduling, safety metrics, and cost-management budgeting systems to deliver the resources needed prior to the initial construction phase of a project.

Preliminary Cost Planning

The goal of Preliminary Cost Planning is to provide the maximum amount of information regarding the cost of a project, at the earliest possible point in the project’s planning stage. Gathering information, weighing options, and making informed decision makes it possible to best control the cost of a project, giving the project owner a framework to follow to keep the project on-budget and on-schedule throughout the process.

Reality-Based Construction Cost Estimating

Verticon’s renowned estimating department provides reality-based, spot-on construction cost estimates, based on our long experience doing construction in the area.  We know the cost of time and materials and the costs for specific scopes of work. We know what the soft costs will be. And, we can get the most up-to date numbers from our many vetted subs, in every work category. Our accurate construction estimates facilitate getting financing, based on real numbers, not “guesstimates”.

Site Evaluation

Verticon can assist you with due diligence on site conditions. We can assist in evaluating soil conditions, drainage around the site, the slope of the landscape, the ease of access for construction equipment, and can ascertain potential environmental issues. We also can determine local municipal regulations, zoning and permit requirements that will impact your project. Our goal is to help clients make informed decisions, establishing a foundation for successful planning and design of the project, leading to successful construction.

Broker Support Service

Working with Verticon offers commercial brokers the support they need to ensure successful real estate transactions.  Utilizing the extensive real estate background of the Zuckerman family, our highly trained staff provides multiple services including:

  • Site evaluation
  • Cost analysis
  • Assistance with lending institutions

Planning Board Representation

Navigating the municipal approval process can prove to be quite a challenge without the help of a trusted, local advisor.  We provide our clients with vital necessary support throughout the Planning Board approval process, and can be called upon to provide direct representation in front of Planning, Zoning and Municipal boards.

Alternative Energy & Energy Conservation Incentives

The time to consider using alternative energy for your project is in the early stages, BEFORE the construction phase begins. Verticon has contacts in the solar and geothermal energy fields who could assist you, from start to finish. Regarding energy conservation, existing facilities, as well as new builds, can qualify for State and Utility company $$ incentives. Verticon has the resources to help direct you to the incentives that your project may qualify for. We can also recommend LEED certified architects and engineers to work with you on your green project.